Omega NC802HDS Nutrition Centre Juicer

Reference: JUIC012


  • Adjustable second press end cap
  • Slow 80rpm masticating juicing and nutrition system
  • Powerful motor
  • Quiet, easy operation and cleaning
  • Perfect for celery, vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, wheatgrass
  • Makes nut butter, soy milk, frozen desserts and pasta


Data sheet

Weight 9.5 KG
Finish Satin Silver
Speed 80 RPM
Juicer Type Masticating Juicer
Domestic Warranty 20 Years Motor/10 Years Parts
Commercial Warranty 1 Year
Country of origin Made in Korea

More info

Omega NC802 Nutrition Centre

The silver NC802 Nutrition Centre Juicer is the latest generation of Omega’s horizontal slow speed juicers together with the Omega NC902 in chrome. With only 80 revolutions per minute and a heavy-duty auger this multi-function juicer extracts vitamins, enzymes and minerals out of your fresh fruits and veggies, without destroying them, so you can enjoy more and better juice. Featuring different accessories, the Omega NC802 is also a nutrition centre that creates dips, lactose-free milk alternatives, baby foods and even pasta, so you can make the most out of your raw food. Compared to the previous generation the Omega NC802 features a larger chute, a larger screen, and an adjustable end cap to ensure less work and an even higher yield.

Why choose a cold press juicer?

Increasingly we are starting to understand the importance of proper nutrition and fuelling our body with the right foods. We are aiming to maximise our intake of vitamins, enzymes and minerals, while minimising preservatives and products full of hormones and chemicals. Cold press or slow speed juicing allows you to easily increase the intake of important vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruit and veggies. Your body receives large amount of nutrients as well as enzymes without the additives and sugars you often find in store bought products. It also helps to enrich your diet with phytonutrients, that can help to fight disease.
The Omega juicer masticates the produce minimizing heat build-up and oxidation, so all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins are, where they should be: in your juice!

Dual stage juicing

First, juice is extracted during the slow crushing of the fruit or vegetable. Before the pulp is ejected, it is squeezed again during the second pressed stage leaving you with more juice and very dry pulp. This pulp can be used to make fluffy and tasty muffins or added to soups to increase your fibre intake. You can also add it to your compost and enrich your soil with nutrients.

Multipurpose Nutrition Centre

More and more we are aiming to provide our family, our friends and ourselves with healthier and fresher options, raw living foods and seasonally sought produce for more energy and a higher general wellbeing. The Omega Nutrition Centre is a perfect addition in your kitchen to make the most out of fresh and seasonal produce without adding preservatives or chemicals, so you know exactly, what is in your glass and on your plate.

Juice Extractor:

The Omega Juicer/Nutrition Centre gets you the most out of fresh veggies and fruits. Low speed extraction ensures high quality juice, that does not only contain more nutrients, enzymes and vitamins, it also tastes better and lasts longer. The adjustable end cap allows more yield from different products. Soft fruits can be juiced at a lower setting, while the juice of leafy greens like kale, spinach or wheatgrass will be juiced at a higher setting to ensure nutrition dense and tasty juice.  

Food Processor/Chopper:

this Nutrition Centre allows you to chop cabbage, garlic, ginger and herbs for spicy salsas, smooth guacamole and lots more. You can make specialised foods like baby foods or for geriatric purposes in no time and preservative free.

Extrusion function:

Try your own homemade pasta or crunchy breadsticks with Omega’s Nutrition centre function. Linguini, spaghetti, Udon noodles are easily made with the included nozzle attachment. Surprise family and friends with your homemade Grissini or pretzels.


Using the blank screen the Omega Nutrition Centre lets you create nut butters, fruit sorbets, frozen desserts and dips. Avoid all the extra salt and sugars you find in store bought products and enjoy these treats guilt-free.


Grind your coffee beans and grains or spices.

Accessories included:

4 Nozzle attachments for pasta and breadsticks
1 juicing screen
1 homogenizing screen
1 cleaning brush
2 containers
1 adjustable end cap

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