About Us

Q: How long have you been the Excalibur Authorised Distributor for Australia?
A: Since about 1982. We are located in the hinterland above Port Douglas where the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest meets the agricultural area of the Atherton Tablelands.

Q: Are you a wholesale distributor?
A: Yes, we are the Authorised Excalibur Distributor for Australia. Please contact us directly for details.

Q: Are the Excalibur Dehydrators sold in retail outlets?
A: Excalibur products are not sold in Retail outlets.

Q: Do your prices reduce when the Australian dollar is high?
A: Our prices have remained the same over the years regardless of the US dollar. Even when the dollar was $ .60 our prices stayed the same. Due to the cost of freight, there isn't much difference between our price and the cost of buying a unit from the States.

Q: Why is the Excalibur Dehydrator cheaper if I was to purchase one direct from the US?
A: The manufacturer is able to sell cheaper than their distributors for obvious reasons however, once you factor in GST, duties and freight the cost is the same as purchasing from us here in Australia. The added advantage of buying nationally is that for warranty/service/repairs you don't have to pay to return your machine to the States which costs approx $180 one way and takes many weeks to arrive.


Q: What is the difference between the 4500/4900 and the 4526T/4926T?
A: The 4500 and the 4900 are turned off manually. 26T describes the model with a built in 26 hour timer.

Q: Do I need a timer?
A: This is a personal preference. The timer model will operate up to 26 hours then switch off which is fine if you have perfected the timing. The no timer model is better suited for use with fruits etc that need longer drying times such as mango, apricots, grapes, pears etc and if you are accustomed to testing the dried product at the end of the recommended drying time. Air temperature and humidity will affect drying time as well as moisture content of the raw product.

Q: Will the timer turn off the dehydrator while I'm away or asleep?
A: Yes. Unlike a digital timer, our timer models have a premium quality, motor driven timer that will not lose track of drying time even if you lose power.

Q: Which size should I choose?
A: This depends on your usage and family size. Each tray is 35cm x 35cm and will hold up to 2kg. As a guide, the 5 Tray holds up to 10kg at a time and is large enough for small families or backyard gardeners. The 9 Tray will hold a massive 18kg at a time and is suitable for orchard growers, large families and hobbyists.

Q: What is the difference between Excalibur dehydrators and the Round ones?
A: The Excalibur is designed for high performance, not low cost like the round design. Round dehydrators have significant design flaws that make them inefficient and slow. They are made to stack up in sections. They have a heating element in the bottom that can collect drips and spilled food. They usually have no fan or thermostat to regulate or circulate heat so temperatures can vary 50 degrees from top to bottom. That means you have to constantly re-stack trays and "babysit" the machine. Each tray has limited headroom so you can't dry tall items and each tray has a "donut hole" which severely limits your ability to dry large items. It can take 10 times longer to dry foods in a round dehydrator as in the Excalibur!

Q: Do you sell stainless steel dehydrators?
A: FDA Approved Polycarbonate Construction is Better than stainless steel for home use. High quality stainless steel is appropriate for businesses but it's much too expensive for home owners. The key word is high quality stainless. Anyone can make a low grade stainless steel dehydrator and include chrome plated trays, but you do not know what has been mixed with the stainless steel and chrome plated trays can pose health concerns. Some customers have asked us to make a stainless steel home dehydrator like our commercial dehydrators. To produce a home owner priced stainless steel dehydrator, we would have to seriously downgrade components and go to a single wall construction, for example, which has rough edges and is hot to the touch. We pride ourselves in providing high quality products and support using green products whenever possible. Stainless steel is appropriate for commercial uses but unnecessary for home use.

Q: What are the Paraflexx sheets used for and can they be used more than once?
A: The Paraflexx sheets are needed for semi-liquid food such as fruit purees. They are re-usable for many years.

Q: Do the Excalibur Dehydrators come with Paraflexx solid sheets?
A: No. Paraflexx sheets are sold seperately as they are only needed for drying semi-liquid or items too small for the dehydrator mesh. Premium sheets retail for $15 each or $13 each when 5 of more are purchased.

Q: Does the Dehydrator come with a recipe book?
A: The Dehydrators do come with a small 'Users Guide' which contains a few basic recipes. We also stock the comprehensive guide 'Preserve It Naturally' which has proven to be very popular and contains almost 200 pages of recipes and tips on dehydrating. The book retails for $39 plus postage or free postage if ordered with a dehydrator.

Q: Do the dehydrators come with stainless steel trays?
A: No. The dehydrators come with the standard Polycarbonate trays, however stainless steel trays can be purchased seperately. The stainless steel trays retail for $44 each plus postage or $41 each plus postage when 5 or more are purchased.

Warranty and Safety

Q: How long are the Dehydrators under warranty?
A: The Excalibur Dehydrators have a FIVE year warranty for Non-Commercial use. Should any part or parts of the product become defective during the first FIVE full years, we will repair or replace the defective parts at the manufacturer's option free of charge.

Q: The Excalibur Dehydrator is made in the USA. Does it comply with Australian electrical standards?
A: We stock the 4000 series 240volt dehydrators made for Australia and New Zealand. Dehydrators imported by us have been certified by the Australian Electrical Safety Office and are therefore approved for use in Australia.

Q: Is it safe to dehydrate in machines made of plastic?
A: FDA Approved polycarbonate is safe when used at low temperature under 160F / 71C and will not give off harmful fumes like low quality plastic dehydrators. The use of polycarbonate plastic for food contact applications has been and continues to be recognised as safe by the U.S Food and Drug Administration, the European Commision's Scientific Committee on Food, the United Kingdom Food Standards Agency, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and othe regulatory authorities worldwide. Important: make sure that you have FDA Approved for Food Contact polycarbonate as there are different types of polycarbonates.

Q: Do you sell replacement parts?
A: Yes, we keep replacement parts in stock, such as fuses, fans and doors, as well as replacement trays, polyscreens etc.

Q: Do the Paraflexx sheets contain Teflon and is it safe to use them in the dehydrator?
A: The Paraflexx Premium sheets have a Dupont Teflon coating, the Ultra sheets are silicone. High quality teflon is safe at low temperatures; the highest temperature on the Excalibur dehydrator is 68C. They are NSF approved for use in the dehydrator and rated safe at temperatures up to 400F/204C. They do not chip or flake and are re-usable for many years.


Q: What are your payment options?
A: Payment can be made by either Mastercard or Visa, direct deposit (an invoice will be emailed to you with direct deposit details) or via Paypal when ordering online.

Q: Can I Lay-by my order?
A: Lay-by is secured by a 20% non-refundable deposit with three months to pay.


Q: How long does delivery take?
A: We know how eagerly our customers want their dehydrator to arrive so we will ship the same working day as payment is received if prior to 1pm or the next working day. Delivery times vary from 2 - 8 working days depending on your State and locality.

Q: Do you ship the dehydrators overseas?
A: We ship to all countries, however postage may be expensive. 

Q: Which carrier delivers the Dehydrators?
A: Our dehydrators are delivered via Australia Post eParcel and a signature is required when the dehydrator is delivered. Delivery date can be found using your tracking number on the Australia Post website www.auspost.com.au/track/. Please allow 2 - 8 working days for delivery.


Q: Do you have a brochure and price list?
A: Yes we do. It can be send to you either by post or via email. You can request a brochure and price list on the contact us page.

Q: Are the Excalibur Dehydrators suitable to make Beef Jerky?
A: Yes. The Excalibur Dehydrators are perfect for making beef jerky. Many companies who specialise in beef jerky use our machines.

Q: Is the temperature on our international model suitable for yoghurt?
A: Yes you can do yoghurt in the international models. We have a lot of customers who use it for yoghurt with no problems. Just set it to the lowest temperature and it works great, as long as you use good culture and a good recipe.

Customer Enquiries

Q:  I bought an excalibur dehydrator some months ago. I have recently opened it up after dehydrating 9 trays of food to find a mouse sitting on one of the trays nibbling the food. I have been so freaked that I havent used it since. Do you have any information about this problem and how I can prevent mice from getting into the dehydrater overnight. Obviously I am baiting them etc, but I live in a rural area with lots of chickens and vegie gardens and at times they do come it. Its really cold here and he was having a great time, being warm and well fed!!!! Please help!
Many thanks

We do know that the dehydrating process will attract mice and other pests. We also live in a rural farming area with pest management being a must during cane season etc. Although they will not enter the machine whilst it is running, if it is timed to end at night or through the day when no one is home they most certainly could squeeze through the gap in the door. The best solution we can think of is to make sure the dehydrator doesn’t switch off through the night or when you are not home. Also, we do know of people that have made themselves a timber framed fly screen box that sits over the top of the dehydrator to keep any pests at bay but allow adequate air flow.